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Compare Safescan Money Counting Machines for Retailers

Parents often feel like money machines or ATMs at Christmas, dishing out the cash to their offspring but if you’re a retailer, hopefully you’ll be counting the increased amounts of money coming in. Money counting machines make this task much easier.  If you don’t already have one, you should consider investing in a cash counting machine.  You won’t regret it and your staff will thank you as well.

Benefits of Money Counting Machines for Retailers

  1. Save Time

Many retailers spend more time than necessary counting and sorting money – not just during the busy festive season, but all year round.  Sorting daily cash floats, emptying tills at the end of a shift or cashing up at the end of the night is time consuming, especially if you count all the coins and notes manually.  The introduction of a bit of automation to your cash flow management processes is an investment worth making.

  1. Greater Accuracy

Despite the age-old debate about whether machines can do things better than humans, in this case, they definitely can!  Money counting machines not only count coins or notes in a fraction of the time we could do it, they also offer greater accuracy.  In a busy store, distractions are everywhere and employees want to get through the task as quickly as possible to get home at the end of a long day.  Counting coins and notes by hand does not always produce accurate results.

Safescan Money Counting Machines for Retailers

Safescan is the market leading brand for money counting machines.  They have products to suit different types of business and the volumes of cash they have to sort.  Here are a few of their popular money counting machines.

Safescan 2610 Banknote Counter

  • Price: £406.80 including VAT (*price accurate at the time of publishing)
  • Counts up to 1500 notes per minute – with adjustable speeds for 800, 1200 and 1500.
  • The hopper can hold up to 500 banknotes at a time
  • Capable of handling multiple currencies and the new polymer banknotes
  • Counterfeit detection is included - both UV testing and size detection. An alarm sounds when a suspected or different size banknote is detected
  • It has a batch function which you can set to the desired quantity or use pre-programmed batch options.
  • 3 year warranty
  • CE certified

Additional features and benefits of the Safescan2610 Banknote Counter

Safescan 6165 Money Counting Scales

  • Price: £214.80 including VAT (*price accurate at the time of publishing)
  • Counts your whole cash register in only 2 minutes
  • Weighs both coins and notes, including the new £1 coins in the UK and new polymer bank notes
  • Can be connected to Safescan Money Counting Software, enabling you to save or export your counting results by simply pushing a button
  • Can automatically deduct the day’s starting cash float from the total amount
  • Can reliably count banknote bundles or loose, rolled or bagged coin rolls.

Additional features and benefits of the Safescan 6165 money counting scales

Safescan 1250 Coin Counter & Sorter


  • Price: £190.80 including VAT (*price accurate at the time of publishing)
  • The Safescan 1250 hopper can hold 500 coins – simply pour all the coins from your till in without the need to sort, then press start
  • It can count and sort 220 coins per minute and is suitable for old and new £1 coins
  • Pre-programmed counting sequences make it easier and quicker to use – you can decide the batch quantities and the coin counter will do the hard work for you
  • It counts loose, bagged and rolled coins
  • It will auto-stop when the coin tray is full

Additional features and benefits of the Safescan 1250 Coin Counter & Sorter

These are just a small selection of the banknote counters, coin counters and sorters and money counting scales we have in stock.  Could one of our money counting machines help your business to improve productivity and efficiency in your business?

Contact us on 0800 389 6066 or email info@barringtonsecurity.co.uk to discuss your retail security needs and we can help to identify the most suitable product(s) for your business and budget.

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