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Great advice on not getting locked out of your Safe!

Great Advice on not getting locked out of your Safe!

If you buy a safe in your life. It is important to look after your safe. If you do, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Some great tips on looking after your safe if it has a key-lock.

  • Make sure you have a spare key for your safe. This is important as the main safe key you are using, could go missing. Part of the key could break of and not allow you to open the lock. Make sure that you don't leave the spare safe key inside the safe, this is a big no no. Imagine if you lose your main key, and you realise the spare is inside your locked safe, believe me it does happen! This will cost you money, you don't want to spend.
  • If your key is getting rough to turn, check your key and see how worn it is. If working, but not as good as before, swap to the spare one. Hoover out the keyhole were your key goes in. Check every 6-9 months and spray graphite penetrating oil inside your lock. Best through the keyhole. It is better than WD-40 as this evaporates and not as good.
  • If you lose one of your safe keys, make sure you get another one cut ASAP. If you worried it has got into the wrong hands, call a local safe locksmith and get a new lock fitted with 2 new safe keys. Or upgrade and have an electronic safe lock, and then you are keyless.
  • If your key is getting hard to turn, call a local locksmith out ASAP. Get the lock serviced or replaced with a new one. Acting fast will save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Your lock will not all of a sudden get better and behave itself!
  • If your safe key protrudes further out of the safe door than the safe handle. If up against a wall. Fit a door stop on the floor, so the key doesn't hit against the wall. If safe door is opened to 90 degrees for example.

Some great tips on looking after your safe if it has an electronic-lock.

  • Depending on what type of grade or model of safe you have purchased. Some electronic safe locks will last up to 7-10 years or a lifetime.
  • If your electronic lock starts repeated beeping after your code is in. This means that the battery is running low. If you hear this, replace the batteries ASAP. Use alkaline batteries with a good expiry date. So if it is 2021, get batteries with at least 5 years + so 2026.
  • If you own a Budget safe which has £1K Cash Cover & £10K Jewellery Cover. They will come with override safe keys, don't put them inside your safe. If the electronic lock doesn't open, it means it won't be able to gain access easy. You will have to call a safe locksmith out.
  • If you're having issues gaining access to your safe with the electronic lock. Call a local locksmith and get it looked at ASAP. If you do nothing, you will get locked out. This will cost more money in the long run.
  • If you're setting your code on your lock, and it is either a 3, 6, 8-digit code. It is good if you don't duplicate numbers. Keep the numbers different. The electronic digital pad will last a lot longer.
  • Some electronic safe locks can act up and go back to factory setting. For example codes like 123456, 502550 & 1234567 for example.

The thing to remember is not to panic. We can help you and give you free advice. We will do our best to get your issue or problem solved.

I hope this blog was a good on giving advice on looking after your safe. While you are here, enjoy our brief video and what we could do for you. If you get locked out of your safe!



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