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Protect the Things That Matter From Fire & Theft

Whether at home, the shop or in your office, we all have important items that it would be simply devastating to lose. So why take the risk?

Fireproof Chubb Safes

We stock a wide range of fireproof safes, including a number from leading international security safes manufacturer – Chubb Safes.  These multi-purpose safes are versatile and can be used for home, office and retail use to store cash, jewellery, documents and data, and valuable electronics such as laptops and cameras.  With over 200 years’ experience in the security industry, Chubb Safes are a known and trusted supplier of security safes.

So what are the characteristics of Chubb Safes Executive Range?

  • Tested and certified to provide 60 minutes fire resistance for paper documents
  • Body thickness of 50 mm and overall door thickness of 66 mm
  • Models come with 2 lock options – key lock, or a keypad and number code
  • Include kit to securely fix the safe to a base to resist unauthorised removal
  • All models come with internal shelf fittings which can be adjusted as necessary

5 Affordable Executive Chubb Safes

  1. Model 15K - (Key Lock)
  2. Model 25K - (Key Lock)
  3. Model 40k - (Key Lock)
  4. Model 15E - (Electronic Lock)
  5. Model 25E - (Electronic Lock)

But don’t just take our word for it.  Customer, Kieran Mayo purchased the Chubb Safes Executive Model 40K and wrote the following product review

“Perfect safe for small business or home.  Barrington Security was fantastic.  Not only did they match the biggest companies on the internet, they beat them hands down on price and service.  I sent a price promise question near midnight and received a reply at 6am the next morning!! How’s that for service.  I was given a delivery date and received the safe on that date.

Some of the other companies on the net say free delivery but came back looking for more money to deliver.

Barrington Security is a family run business with a great reputation.  TRUST ME, WHEREVER YOU LIVE RING THESE GUYS FIRST AND SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND MONEY.
Kieran Mayo

View our Chubb Safes Executive Range online, email us on info@barringtonsecurity.co.uk or call our free phone number 0800 389 6006 to discuss your needs with one of our team directly.

Remember – Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Barrington Secure!