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A Gun Safe – For Those Who Take Gun Safety Seriously

On 31st March 2018 there were 157,581 firearm certificates on issue in England and Wales, an increase of 2% on the previous year. By firearm, we mean any gun that is not a shotgun. There’s 567,047 shotgun certificates out there as well, 1% more than last year. Delve into the stats and you may well see similar trends in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As gun numbers increase, are they all being stored safely? How many people buy a gun safe too?

If you own a gun, then controlling who has access to it is your responsibility. You’ll obviously want to keep it safe from burglars, but it’s not just the burglars you need to worry about. It’s your nearest and dearest – your partner and your children who roam around the home day in and day out. No doubt you have friends and neighbours who call round regularly, probably your parents and siblings too. Perhaps work men, cleaners or other service providers also have access to your home. Have a quick think – just how many people have a spare key to your house? And, how many of them typically enter the premises when you’re not around? Keep your guns away from prying eyes.

Aside from the fact that modern guns are expensive and not something you want to have stolen, damaged or handled by too many people, every gun owner needs to be aware that it’s a legal requirement for your gun or guns to be stored securely. Securely can be interpreted in different ways, but buying a gun safe sends out a clear message that says – not to be tampered with, we take gun safety seriously in this home!

If you’re buying a gun safe here are a few things to consider prior to making the purchase:

How many guns does it need to store?

It is usually advisable to buy bigger than required. This way, if you decide to add to your collection you don’t have the added expense of buying another gun safe or gun cabinet. You should also think about whether you require any additional space for ammunition? Police guidelines dictate that ammunition must be stored in a separate locked compartment, either within the same safe or separate altogether. Many of our gun safes include separate ammunition compartments.

Which lock type do you prefer?

Do you struggle to remember your PIN number? Maybe you should stick to a key lock. Always losing your keys? Maybe an electronic lock with or without fingerprint / biometric lock is for you. There’s no right or wrong answer to which type is best, it just comes down to what is best for your individual needs. Many key lock safes have 2 double bitted key locks as security and come with a spare key. If you do lose your key though, it’s not ideal to have to get the lock changed, and if you have a key, you also need to think carefully about where you will store it as you’re unlikely to carry it around with you every day. It’ll also be obvious to a burglar that there’s a good chance your key is stored somewhere in the same room as the same…. so perhaps it shouldn’t be!

Does the gun safe meet recommended quality standards?

Does it meet British Standard BS7558/92? This probably isn’t the first thing you’ll think about – a gun safe is a gun safe, right? Well, not exactly. It is recommended that your gun safe should be made from sheet steel at least 2mm thick, all seams should be continuously welded and all hinges on the inside. Lock mechanisms should be on the inside of the cabinet and should contain at least 5 levers to BS 3621 standard or equivalent. Alternatively, good quality hardened padlocks and staples should be fitted to the cabinet. Every gun safe stocked at Barrington Security is British Standard approved and 100% Police Approved to give you peace of mind when you buy a gun safe.

Where will your gun safe be installed?

A gun safe should be securely fixed to the fabric of the building. Where possible, install it in a room that doesn’t have direct access to the outside of the building. A garage/shed or other outside building usually aren’t the best options. If possible, fix your gun safe to a wall built from bricks or concrete blocks, or to the floor. It should be out of sight and away from any potential heat source.

So you’ve considered these points and are ready to buy a gun safe, but why should you trust Barrington security to protect your valuable firearms and ammunition?

All our safes come with a warranty, and with prices starting at little over £100. We have a 100% price match guarantee and free shipping in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We also have over 28 years’ experience in the industry so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to gun safes, or any other kind of safe for that matter!

We stock many of the leading brands including Burton, Burg Wachter and Phoenix. View our gun safes range and read some of our 5* reviews. If you need us to talk you through the options in more detail, just call us on 0800 389 6066 or e-mail us to info@barringtonsecurity.co.uk