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Best Home Safes for 2021

The best home safes will keep your cash, jewellery, important documents and other valuables really safe. Such as during a fire or burglary, or simple ‘wear and tear’ over time. With the job of protecting many of your most prized possessions. It’s worth investing ‘a few bob’ to get yourself the best home safe possible. These are our top 5 home safes for 2021. Based on our best-sellers last year and listed in order of price from the lowest to the highest.


     1.Phoenix Vela SS0802E Safe 

The Phoenix Vela SS0802E Size 2 Security Safe with Electronic Lock. We sell this safe online for £68+vat.

  • SECURITY PROTECTION: Recommended for overnight cash cover of £1,000 cash or £10,000 valuables.*
  • LOCKING: The SS0802E has an advanced electronic locking. With high security anti-tamper or bounce solenoid locking system. For added peace of
  • mind these safes are fitted with a key override facility (2 keys supplied).
  • CONSTRUCTION: Vela safes supplied as standard with twin live locking bolts. Concealed internal hinges for increased security.
  • FIXING: Ready prepared for fixing to the floor or wall, with fixing bolts supplied for brick walls or concrete floors
  • COLOUR/FINISH: Finished in a high quality scratch resistant Metallic Graphite paint.
  • LIGHTING: Fitted with a bright LED interior light so that the contents can be seen.


  • One of the best looking and designed Budget safes on the safe market.
  • Electronic locking with 2 over ride keys. So you don't get locked out, as long as you don't put the over ride keys inside the safe.
  • Comes in a key lock option too.
  • Can be base or rear fixed.


  • As this safe is light, you would have to make sure that it is bolted well to the floor or wall. If not it would be easy to lift and take away.
  • You pay for what you get and this type of safe keeps the honest person out.


      2. Burton Eurovault Aver S2 Size 2E Safe

The Burton Eurovault Aver S2 Size 2E Home safe with electronic lock. Provides high security protection from theft with an approved £4,000 cash rating. We sell this safe online for £233+vat.

  • Independently tested and certified by ECBS to EN14450 S2.
  • £4K Cash Cover and £40K Jewellery Cover.
  • Ideal home safe, office safe or as a change safe.
  • Double walled steel body and door.
  • Special drill protection of the lock and bolt work.
  • Electronic lock with 6 digit code.
  • Removable shelf in sizes 1-3.
  • Back and base fixing.


  • This safe is AIS and secured by design approved.
  • ECBS approved.
  • Comes in 6 different sizes in key lock or electronic locking.
  • One of the lightest safes in the S2 safe ranges. So easy to lift and install yourself, if wanting to save money on the installation cost.
  • Can be base or rear fixed.
  • Fits A4 paper with ease.
  • If you buy a Burton Safe product, go online and activate the 2 year warranty.


  • This safe has no fire rating.
  • One of the lightest S2 safes on the market, so recommended that you bolt this safe down to the floor or the wall or both.

    3. Burg Wachter Combiline Size 410K Fire Safe

The Burg Wachter Combiline Size 410K Fire safe. We sell this online for £246+vat.

  • High quality domestic safe, ideal for the safe storage of cash, valuables and paper documents.
  • Double walled construction with additional fire-proof insulation (according to DIN 14102) 30 minutes fire protection for paper  at temperatures of up to 900˚C.
  • ECB-S approved.
  • High security double bitted keylock with 2 keys.
  • £4,000 Cash Cover and £40,000 Jewellery Cover.
  • AIS approved & Secured by Design.
  • one adjustable shelf.
  • Composite door construction provides heat protection for the door and bolts.
  • Large 25mm locking bolts with sliding top bolt of additional security.
  • Prepared for base and rear fixing.
  • CL 410 models are suitable for the storage of A4 documents and include one shelf for better utilisation of interior space.


  • This safe is AIS and secured by design approved.
  • ECBS approved.
  • Comes in 4 different sizes in either key lock or electronic locking.
  • One of the heaviest S2 safes in the safe market.
  • 30 Minutes Fire protection for documents.
  • Can be base or rear fixed.
  • Fits A4 paper, but a neat fit.


  • One of the heaviest safes in the S2 range. You might want the safe company to arrange delivery and installation.
  • The new electronic lock handle design isn't as good as the previous one, in my opinion.



   4. Burton Ignis S2 Size 1E Fire Safe

The New Burton Ignis S2 1E Fireproof Safe. We sell this online for £352+vat.

We have already sold one of these great safes, and will have them in stock tomorrow.

  • Independently tested and certified to EN14450 S2 £4,000 Cash Rating by ECBS and NT FIRE 017-60P by RISE.
  • £4,000 Cash cover & £40,000 Jewellery cover.
  • 60 minutes fire protection.
  • Small and sleek design to fit into domestic wardrobes and cupboards.
  • Electronic lock, comes with a 6 digit code.
  • Electronic lock features, 1 master code and 9 user codes. It also features dual user and time delay functions.
  • Safe comes with internal tray, passport holder and key hooks, a light and an internal carpet.
  • Base fixing.


  • AIS and secured by design approved.
  • ECBS approved.
  • 60 minutes fire protection for documents.
  • Comes in 4 sizes, the smallest size is key lock only and next 3 sizes are electronic lock only.


  • This safe has no rear fixing holes, so can only be fixed to the floor.
  • No other cons, as this safe is super new.


   6. Charvat Grade 0 Size 1K

The Charvat Grade 0 Size NS1 K Safe. We sell this online for £512+vat.

We are sole agents for Charvat safes in UK and Ireland.

  • Certified & tested to European Standard EN 1143-1.
  • £6K Cash rating and £60K Jewellery Cover.
  • Supplied with a solid double bitted key lock for door.
  • 3 Year warranty.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Standard colour: Dark Grey (Ral 7016).
  • Available in different colours on request.
  • Hinged left or right on request.
  • Electronic or biometric locking available on request.
  • Ready for floor anchoring with base holes.


  • EN-1143-1 approved.
  • A great lightweight safe that is ideal for putting upstairs, as well as downstairs
  • Comes with 3 year warranty.
  • Comes in 8 different sizes.
  • Available in 4 different colours on request (White/Cream/Black) Standard colour: Dark Grey (Ral 7016).
  • Comes in Electronic locking on request.
  • You can upgrade to Grade 1/ Grade 2 and up to Grade 3.
  • Hinged left or right on request, at no additional cost to you.


  • This safe is not fire rated.
  • As this safe is lightweight, it is advised to have this fixed to the floor or wall.
  • This safe isn't prepared for rear fixing, but we can drill a 12 mm hole if requested.

I hope you enjoyed looking at our 5 recommended options on the best home safes for 2021.

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