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5 Strong Reasons to Buy a Charvat Safe

Charvat Safes are a good choice for homeowners with cash, jewellery, electronic gadgets and important documents to protect.  They also come in handy if you operate a cash handling business or any type of business.  If any of these scenarios apply to you, it’s worth considering buying and installing a safe on your premises.  A safe can help protect your assets and may also reduce your insurance premiums.

What is a Charvat Safe?

Charvat is a safe manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. They’ve been manufacturing safes and archive cabinets since 1995 and distribute in the EU, the USA and elsewhere around the world. Here at Barrington Security, we’re the sole agent for Charvat Safes in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Charvat Safes range contains both free standing and wall mounted safes, with or without certification.  It includes cash safes, fireproof cabinets, gun safes and deposit safes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Who Buys Charvat Safes?

We’ve supplied Charvat Safes to supermarkets, garages, pubs, clubs and schools as well as homeowners who want to keep cash or valuable safe in the home.  They come in various grades.  The grade you need is dependent upon the value of the goods to be stored in the safe and therefore the level of resistance required.  We have Charvat safes ranging from grade 0 to grade 3.  A higher grade safe will generally have thicker walls and better locks.  Some of the items our customers store in their Charvat safes include cash, cigarettes, scratch cards, jewellery, documentation and other expensive items such as ornaments and silverware.

What Charvat Safe Would You Recommend & Why?

This would depend on what you need it for and the volume of goods you plan to store in it.  The 1611, 1612 and 1613 models vary in size and capacity so there should be one to suit most types of customer.

One of our best-selling safes in the Charvat Safes range is the Charvat 1612K.  It has a number of features which appeal to our customers.

1. It’s Big and Strong

The Charvat 1612K is a double wall cabinet with double doors. It has an external height, width and depth of 1800 X 935 X 525 and an internal height, width and depth of 1685 x 835 x 410.  It can hold 577 litres in volume and 193KG of weight which is substantial.

Charvat Safe 1613 side on with doors open

2. It’s Customisable

Customise your safe to suit the stock you need to store. The Charvat 1612K has adjustable shelves and can be fitted with pull out frames and other accessories. It’s ideal when the safe’s use may change over time, or you perhaps hold a larger quantity of stock at certain times of year and need to adjust the layout periodically to suit.

Charvat 1613 Safe shelf picture

3. Its Security Features

This Charvat Safe has a secure three way locking system. It has a solid double bitted key lock, tested to VdS Grade 1/EN 1300 A.  Two keys are provided as standard. It also has a solid metal handle and key cover. The Charvat 1612K also has two holes at bottom, ready for floor anchoring.  This not only makes it difficult to steal from the premises, but also protects its users from the risk of the safe toppling on them if it is overfilled.

4. Approved to European Standards

It meets S1 level A according to European standard EN 14 450, an approved safe is a better buy than a non-approved safe, but bear in mind that this is reflected in the price.

5. Three Year Warranty

It comes with a three year warranty to give you peace of mind. If you have any issues with your Charvat Safe or parts that need replaced, our customer service team are readily available to help you.

How much does it cost?

The Charvat 1612K retails at £1137.60, with the entire Charvat range starting from around £500 and going up to circa £2,500.  All Charvat safes come with a 3 year warranty as standard and include free shipping in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  If you buy a Charvat Safe this autumn, on or before 31st Oct 2018, we’ll sell it to you for a nice round sum of £1,000.  If you consider the value of the assets you plan to put in it, this should prove to be a reasonable investment!

What do customers think of the Charvat 1612K?

We’ve had great feedback from our customers, some of which is available on our website:

“Good quality and good value item provide excellent storage meeting all our insurance company requirements” Diana, 5* Rating

“A decent quality product at a reasonable price....no issues at all with this item since date of purchase and would recommend” Conor, 5* Rating

View our range of Charvat safes or email info@barringtonsecurity.co.uk to discuss your options or avail of our special discounted price.