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Make Introducing Time and Attendance Systems a Positive Experience for Your Staff

Safescan Time Attendance Systems for Employee Time Tracking

No-one likes to feel like someone is looking over their shoulder all the time. This is one of the main reasons why employees view time and attendance systems negatively, particularly when they are first introduced.  “The boss/supervisors are checking up on us all the time – do they think we can’t be trusted to turn up and leave when we’re meant to and do our jobs?” or “they’re looking for an excuse to start complaining about our work”.  These are some of the typical gripes from employees who take the glass half empty view towards the introduction of time and attendance systems for employee time tracking.

But from an employer’s perspective, time and attendance systems are an absolute necessary to manage staff effectively, meet delivery deadlines and run operations cost-effectively.  Time and attendance systems are particularly valuable in companies where a large workforce exists, and where staff work day and night shifts – such as in the retail and hospitality sectors, in production and manufacturing plants and many other types of business.  And let’s be honest, in most organisations, there will be an individual or small group of employees who abuse the rules when it comes to attendance, time keeping and productivity.

How can you make time tracking a more positive experience for your employees, you may wonder.  We’ve collated some ideas to help you do just that.

Highlight the Benefits of Employees Time Tracking

As you prepare to tell employees of your plans to introduce ‘clocking systems’ or ‘employee time tracking’ or a ‘time and attendance system’ you need to be prepared to tell them why you are doing it.  If you educate staff on the benefits of the new clocking system to them, it will remove a lot of their suspicions and make them more willing to accept the new system, and even contribute to its successful implementation.  Here’s some of the points you should cover to get buy-in from employees.  You will likely be able to identify other positive reasons for introducing time tracking that are specific to your workplace and its activities.

Explain to your staff that you want to be able to plan operations better to make the working environment better for everyone.  Time tracking systems will help the company to:

  • Ensure that you don’t allocate employees too little time to deliver projects – lack of time puts employees under unnecessary pressure that results in unhappy workers, mistakes being made, and increases risks to the employee – tell your staff that time tracking systems will help you to create a healthier and happier working environment.
  • Ensure that employees don’t feel bored or unfulfilled in their work – if your employees are left for long periods doing nothing, perhaps waiting for a new project to be set-up, they can get bored and frustrated and their days will drag in – explain that time tracking systems will help you to plan their days better so that employees can gain a greater sense of fulfilment from their work.
  • Reward individuals or teams who excel in their work – time and attendance systems can be used to reward individuals or teams for good attendance and timely delivery of their duties. Explore ways to develop an employee rewards programmes that will introduce positive benefits such as promotions, pay rise and bonuses for employees.

In addition to educating employees, listen to them too.  Give staff an opportunity to contribute their thoughts on the introduction of time and attendance systems, both positive and negative, then address each.  Ask them what problems they are experiencing that time tracking systems could resolve, and how do they think you could use the data collated to help them in their roles.  Make employees recognise that they are part of the solution and that you are not introducing time and attendance systems because you view employees as a problem - although this may well be part of your rationale for doing it, avoid focusing on the negatives.  Once you’ve alleviated the concerns of employees and given them an opportunity to contribute to the process, employee time tracking will be viewed in a much less negative way, at least by some and hopefully the majority of your staff.

Choosing Your Time and Attendance System

Create a work group of people who will help you to identify the right system for your organisation.  To help you to get started, we’ve collated a few examples of time and attendance systems for employee time tracking from leading manufacturer Safescan.

Safescan offer a wide range of security products to improve performance and minimise risk – counterfeit detectors, banknote counters, coin counters and sorters, cash drawers and POS safes, and of course, time and attendance clocking systems.  All of the latter are affordably priced.  Our time and attendance systems start from around £350 and go up to £700.  Different identification options exist including RFID card, fob and finger print recognition, and time systems with wireless connectivity options also available.

Safescan Time Attendance Systems for Employee Time Tracking

Some popular Safescan clocking systems include:

Safescan TA-8010 Time Attendance System – this can accommodate up to 1,800 users and 50,000 time records.  Users can clock in using their identity badge or a unique pin code.

Safescan TA-8020 Time Attendance System – for up to 2,200 users and 80,000 time records.

Safescane TA-8025 Time Attendance System – for up to 3,000 users and 200,000 time records.

Time and attendance systems for employee time tracking can greatly improve productivity and save companies thousands of pounds each year so they are well worth exploring!

More information on these Safescan time and attendance systems and their features is available on our website, and we are more than happy to discuss your needs and assist you to find the right product for your organisation, if it is not listed in our portfolio.

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