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Organise Your Home Office Day - It's Time to Declutter!

Organise your office space

Did you know that 12th March is designated as ‘Organise Your Home Office Day’?

It recognises the huge growth in home offices, and not just for self-employed people.  As more businesses recognise the importance of flexible working for employees, many professionals also work from a home office on a regular basis.  And home offices aren’t just for your day job either, they’re also used by homeowners as a space to do personal paperwork, online research and store important household documents.  Like every office or home study, it can get a bit cluttered over time and making sure that secure document storage practices are in place can get overlooked.

So, on ‘organise your home office day’ we’ve got a few product ideas that could help you to declutter your home office and introduce secure document and data storage solutions to organise your work space.

Burton Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

Burton Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

The ‘paperless office’ concept would be ideal but isn’t always possible in practice.  Sometimes you simply need to store hard copies of documents and brochures in an easy-to-find location.  These filing cabinets come in 4 sizes with 1 to 4 drawers and are certified to provide fire resistance for up to 60 minutes for paper documents, making secure document storage a reality. They’re available with a key lock or an electronic locking system and are designed to suit A4 documents and foolscap files.  Burtons Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets start at £567.60 (inc. VAT).  Chubbsafes, Phoenix Safes and Securikey also provide filing cabinets for secure document storage.  View our full range of fireproof filing cabinets.

Charvat Security Cabinets

Charvat Security Cabinets

A lockable security cabinet is an alternative solution which may be useful, depending on what you need to store in your home office.  These security cabinets have the flexibility of adjustable shelving to suit the contents and can be anchored to the floor to prevent them from being removed or from toppling over.  Charvat’s security cabinets offer secure document storage for paper records and have a cash rating of up to £2,000 or £20,000 for valuables and jewellery.  They also have a 3 way locking system with 3 inter door bolts, one top and one bottom and a solid double bitted key lock.  You can store all of your personal and work documents, data and valuables in one location. They also contain a fire resistant material under A1 class.  Various other leading brands also offer security cabinets for secure document storage.  View our full range of security cabinets.

Phoenix Fireproof Office Safes

Phoenix Fireproof Office Safes

Phoenix Fireproof Office Safes provide secure document and data storage for your home office.  They are fireproof for up to 120 minutes for paper documents, provide up to 60 minutes fire protection for digital media, DVDs, USB’s and memory sticks and have a cash rating of £2,500 or cover for up to £25,000 of valuables.  Phoenix office safes have also been impact tested from 9.1 metres to ensure they can survive a fall through the burning floors of a building.  They come complete with adjustable shelves, a lockable drawer for cash and valuables and are ready prepared for floor fixing. They can be fitted with high security key or electronic locks and come with a slam shut door locking feature.  These start from £544.80 (inc. VAT).  Alternatively, you can explore our full range of fireproof office safes for other products that offer secure storage for documents, data, cash and valuables.

Phoenix Cygnus Key Deposit Safes

Phoenix Cygnus Key Deposit Safes

If you’ve ever lost a set of keys, you’ll know how frustrating it can be.  With a key safe, you and your family members will never need to tear the place apart again looking for your keys.  Store your car keys, spare key, house keys, safe keys and any others in one place.  The KS0031K/E model holds 30 keys, which is big enough for most households but the range has options for storage of up to 700 keys! A key deposit slot also allows you to deposit keys without opening the safe.  A set of coloured key ring tags is included.  The key safe can also be fixed to the wall for extra security.  Smaller key safe options are also available. View our full range of key safes.

What products would help you to organise your home office and be clutter free?

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