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3 Best Home Safes of 2019 for Under £300

The best home safes will keep your cash, jewellery, important documents and other valuables safe in various situations, such as during a fire or burglary, or simple ‘wear and tear’ over time.  With the job of protecting many of your most prized possessions it’s worth investing ‘a few bob’ to get yourself the best home safe possible.  These are our top 3 home safes for 2019, based on our best sellers last year and listed in order of price from the lowest to the highest.

Burton Eurovault Aver S2 Safe Series - starting from £175 for the Size 1K Model (£210 including VAT)

Chubbsafes Home Safe S2 Range - starting from £196 for the 10K Model (£235.20 including VAT)

Burg Wachter Combiline Safe  - starting from £239 for the CL 10K Model (286.80 including VAT)

Best Home Safe Features


Burton Eurovault Aver S2 Safe


Chubbsafes Home Safe S2 30P Burg Wachter Combiline Safe
Suitable for cash, jewellery, documents and other valuables


Yes Yes Yes
High security features


Yes Yes Yes
Fire proof for 30 minutes


X Yes Yes
Tested & Certified to European standards


Yes Yes Yes
Approved for Insurers


Yes Yes Yes
Meets Police Approved Standards


Yes Yes X
Multiple size options with removable shelving







A high quality home safe should have many of the following features as standard:

  1. High Security

    Features such as a double bitted key lock or electronic lock, strong locking bolts on the door, a double walled body and doors, as well as base and/or rear fixing options to prevent burglars from easily removing it from your home are all things to look out for. All three safes listed above come with a variety of high security features as standard.

  2. Fireproof

    A good fireproof safe should provide a minimum of 30 minutes fire protection for paper documents.

  3. Tested & Certified

    The best safes are independently tested and certified to meet European safety standards, police approvals and the requirements of insurance companies – more on this below.

  4. Insurer Approved

    The best safes are approved to meet the criteria set within home insurance policies offered by all major insurance providers. If you find yourself in the unfortunate positon of having to make a claim against your home insurance policy, this will be taken into account in relation to a pay-out. All three of our best safe options provide a minimum of £4,000 cash cover and £40,000 jewellery cover. Larger sizes will have greater cover to take into account their increased capacities.

  5. Multiple Sizes with Removable shelves

    This helps to ensure that all customers can find one in a size that will suit its proposed contents. Removable shelves also make your home safe more customisable to reflect the size and shape of the items you wish to store in it.

Burton Eurovault Aver S2 Home Safe (Size 1K)

Eurovault Aver S2 Home Safe Eurovault Aver S2 Home Safe

Burton’s Eurovault Aver S2 Range boasts a range of security features including:

  • Double walled steel body and door
  • Special drill protection on the lock and bolt work
  • Back and base fixing option

The extensive S2 range is available in 6 different sizes, and each has a key lock or electronic lock version. With 12 safes to choose from, you should be able to find a home safe that will match your selection criteria. The electronic version has an external power point you won’t be locked out of your home safe if the batteries go flat.

Burton’s Home Safes are insurance approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS).

If style as well as functionality matters to you, this might be the best home safe for you. The Burton Eurovault Aver S2 range of home safes are somewhat unique, with various paint colour options including black, white, turquoise, blue, red and pink! But special colours do cost extra!

A lot of happy customers have purchased this Burton home safe too.

Chubbsafes Home Safe S2 30P Range

Chubbsafes Home Safe Chubbsafes Home Safe

Chubbsafes Home Safes are also well equipped with multiple high security features including:

  • Combined fire and burglary protection – certified to meet European standards. The safe door is secured using the new revolutionary "V" bolt system. The design of the locking bolts helps maintain door integrity when under physical attack and during a fire.
  • Key lock or electronic lock options
  • Dual base fixing holes, supplied with two concrete anchor bolts.
  • The walls and door are constructed using an inner and outer layer of steel containing a specially formulated burglary and fire resistant material developed by Chubbsafes. This material provides class-leading performance with low weights enabling installation almost anywhere!

Chubbsafes S2 30P home safe is also approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors.

Six size options are available, each with a key lock or electronic option.

chubbsafes home safes s2 range sizes chubbsafes home safes s2 range sizes

Burg Wachter Combiline Home Safe

urg Wachter Combiline 10E Home Safe Burg Wachter Combiline 10E Home Safe

This comes in 3 different sizes, the CL 10 option with a key lock being the smallest and most affordable of the range. The electronic locking version costs an extra £50 (approximately). The batteries on the electronic model are mounted externally to prevent lock out if the power fails.

The Combiline offers certified protection against burglary (Resistance Grade S2). It has a variety of high security features including:

  • Double walled construction with additional fireproof insulation to give 30 minutes fire protection for paper at temperatures of up to 900˚C (Resistance Grade LFS 30 P)
  • Composite door construction to provide heat protection for the door and bolts
  • High security double bitted keylock or electronic lock options
  • Large 25mm locking bolts with sliding top bolt for additional security
  • Base and rear fixing options

This home safe is also AIS approved for all major insurers and independently tested and certified by the European Certification Body.

It’s currently the only certified safe lock with an integrated finger scan module which makes it very quick and comfortable to open, yet offers a highly sensitive procedure of authentication.

Our customers are very happy with their Burg Wachter Combiline Home Safes!


All of these models are good choices for a home safe but if these three don’t give you enough options to consider, a close 4th position goes to the Securikey Mini Vault Gold FR S2 range of security safes, and we have various other options in our home safes section to suit differing needs and budgets.

Order online or contact our team if you require further assistance to find the best home safe for your home.

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